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Leaders in Excellence: The Strategic Pathway for Good Shepherd Lutheran School Para Vista


Empowering Learning, Fostering Innovation, Celebrating Faith, Building Community, and Leading for the Future

Good Shepherd Lutheran School

The Strategic Plan to 2025


The Strategic Plan to 2025 for Good Shepherd Lutheran School Para Vista is a visionary roadmap to propel our commitment to educational excellence, innovation, Christian identity, community building, and effective leadership. 

Grounded in our mission to provide a transformative education, our strategic intentions are organised into 5 key pillars that guide our endeavours into the future:

1. Excellence in Learning

2. Ongoing Improvement and Innovation

3. Strengthening Lutheran Identity

4. Community Building

5. Leading Effective Organisation and Management


Our strategic plan is built on these pillars, each carefully crafted to enhance various aspects of your child’s school life. We want to empower and engage our young learners, ensuring they not only excel academically but also actively participate in their educational journey. With a consistent approach across all school stages and increased opportunities for students to excel, we aim to create a vibrant learning environment that resonates with our school’s learning principles.

In our pursuit of ongoing improvement and innovation, we’re focusing on collaborative teams, professional development, and the wellbeing of our students through the embedding of the Compassionate Systems framework. These initiatives aim to foster a culture of excellence and keep us at the forefront of innovative educational practices.

At the heart of our plan is the commitment to our Christian faith. We aspire to provide opportunities for your child to explore, develop, and celebrate their faith. By refreshing and implementing the ‘Faith/Life at Good Shepherd’ resource, creating an inclusive environment, and partnering with the congregation in ministry and mission, we seek to instil strong Christian values in our students.

Our strategic plan places a strong emphasis on community building. We aim to develop positive partnerships that support connection and wellbeing, with initiatives like promoting the partnership between school and home, launching the Good Shepherd Reconciliation Action Plan, and building strong connections with a focus on diversity and inclusion.

As we navigate these exciting changes, our focus on leading effectively ensures dynamic leadership that maximises sustainability and opportunities for our school community. This involves establishing a long-term vision for Good Shepherd’s size, structure, and pedagogy, and continued development of our current and future leaders.



Good Shepherd Strategic Plan 2025

Our Strategic Plan to 2025 is not just a document; it’s a commitment to providing an exceptional learning environment for your child. We invite you to download our strategic plan and learn more about what your child’s future education will look like at our school.


Good Shepherd Lutheran School