Sharing the Performance of Our School

Every year, we share our school’s performance information on our website, as required by the Australian Education Regulations 2023.

School Performance Report

Why We Share Our School Performance Report


We believe in being open and honest about how our school is doing. Our School Performance Report helps everyone understand more about our school, including:

  • Student Information: Learn about our students, their backgrounds, and key characteristics.
  • Teacher Standards: See the qualifications and standards of our teachers.
  • Staff Composition: Get details on the groups that make up our staff.
  • Attendance Rates: Find out how often students attend school and how we handle absences.
  • Student Results: Check out how our students perform in national assessments.
  • Community Feedback: Read what parents, students, and teachers think about our school through survey results.
  • Funding Details: Understand where our funding comes from and how it’s used.

We encourage you to explore our School Performance Report to gain a deeper understanding of our school’s strengths and areas for growth. By staying informed, you help us create a better learning environment for all our students.




By sharing this information, we aim to keep our community informed and involved in our school’s progress and achievements.


Resources for Parents

For more detailed information and resources about the Australian Education Regulations 2023, please review the following:

Department for Education, South Australia: Education Acts, Regulations and other legislation

School Performance Report