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Imagination OSHC is our Out of School Hours Care space, licensed to cater to the needs of children at Good Shepherd Lutheran School Para Vista. 

Learning at Imagination OSHC extends beyond the classroom and seamlessly aligns with our educational philosophy, offering a vibrant extension of our school’s learning journey.

We offer a wide range of exciting programs and activities to keep your child engaged and entertained, gathering activity ideas from the students themselves. These include arts and crafts, outdoor play, educational games, and home learning support. Imagination OSHC uses the My Time Our Place framework, which serves as a key guiding document for planning and implementing curriculum in Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) settings for school-aged children in Australia.

We prioritise comfort, safety, and flexibility in our space to ensure a welcoming and secure environment for our students. 

With age-appropriate technology integration, dedicated space for homework, and facilities for healthy snacks, our OSHC space is a hub for well-rounded experiences. It mirrors our school’s values of inclusivity and respect, serving not only as a supportive ‘before and after’ school environment, but also as a community hub that encourages parental involvement and open communication between OSHC staff and teachers. 

Our professional, caring, and highly qualified staff are equipped with training in child development, ensuring that our OSHC space becomes an integral part of each student’s overall growth and well-being. 

To book your child into Imagination, simply create an online account through Fully booked. Family or caregivers are required to create an account via this link:

GSPV - Imagination OSHC

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of operation?

Opening Times

Before School Care: 7am-8:30am
Breakfast: Until 8am
After School Care: 3:05pm-6pm
Vacation Care: 7am-6pm

Vacation Care

Vacation Care is offered during school holidays between school term dates. Imagination OSHC is closed on public holidays. Christmas closure dates this year are 23 December 2024 – 3 January 2025

How do I contact Imagination OSHC?

Key Contacts

Out of School Hours Care
Imagination OSHC Director – Ali Flynn
Phone (Office)
Phone (Mobile)
[email protected] 

Good Shepherd Lutheran School
Principal – Evie Stevens
[email protected]

Business Director – Mark Elliott
[email protected]

How much does Imagination OSHC cost?

Our fee structure is transparent, offering affordability and flexibility:

Before School Care: $12

After School Care: $20

Vacation Care:

Bronze Day (Base day): $60

Silver Day (Incursion): $70

Gold Day (Excursion): $80 (Incursion and Excursion)

What happens if my child cannot attend their session?

A 24-hour cancellation policy ensures flexibility. Bookings not cancelled by 7am for Before School Care and 3:05pm for After School Care on the day before their session will incur half of the session fee.

What if I don’t make it on time to pick up my child?

A late collection fee of $1 per minute (up to 10 minutes) and $5 per minute thereafter applies after 6:00 pm, emphasising our commitment to punctuality.

What happens if I don’t pay my account?

To maintain the smooth operation of Imagination OSHC, families with accounts exceeding $500 may regrettably face a refusal of care until the account is settled.

What are your staff to student care ratios?
  • Before School Care – 1:15 
  • After School Care – 1:15
  • Vacation Care (In-house) – 1:15
  • Vacation Care (Excursions) – 1:10
  • Water Activities – 1:5
Do you have a medication policy?

Students attending Imagination OSHC and have a diagnosed medical condition must have an updated medical action plan and risk minimisation plan, and all medications are provided to Imagination OSHC. 

All required forms are available at Imagination OSHC or through email to the Imagination OSHC Director.

Medical action plans must be reviewed annually, or as the doctor requests. 

Please attach a current photo of your child to the medical action plan.  

Please ensure that ALL medication provided to Imagination is in its original packaging, which is clearly labelled with a pharmacy label that states your child’s name, date of birth, and dosage requirements. The label needs to be attached to either the bottle of medication or the canister of the Asthma inhaler.

Your child cannot attend Imagination OSHC until these are up to date. 

Are meals provided?

As part of our Before School Care and Vacation Care service we provide a range of cereals and toast for breakfast between 7am and 8am.

As part of our After School Care and Vacation Care service, nutritious snacks are provided each afternoon at 3:30pm. The menu is found on the weekly program located above the parent table, or on the weekly newsletter. 

As part of the Good Shepherd school community, Imagination is a nut free centre. The snack and breakfast suggestions are from the students and our menu plans sit in accordance with the Healthy Eating Advisory Service and Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.

If your child has any dietary requirements, please let the OSHC team know, so that we can accommodate for your child at OSHC. 

Students in Vacation Care are required to have their own recess and lunch in a labelled lunchbox.

How do I stay up to date with my child’s happenings at Imagination OSHC?

The service uses an App called Seesaw. This is our primary source of communication with families and the school community, though we also provide regular updates via the weekly school newsletter and our booking system Fully Booked. Each child has their own profile and can be viewed by their parents, educators, and staff members at Good Shepherd Lutheran School.

OSHC Director Contact Details

Ali Flynn

0408 009 637 

[email protected]

What should my child bring to OSHC?

For Out of School Hours Care (OSHC), it’s advisable for children to have a few essential items to ensure their comfort and wellbeing:

Hat: Safety under the sun is paramount at Imagination OSHC, and our ‘SunSmart’ policy mandates a school issue bucket hat with a brim for outdoor activities when the UV index exceeds 3. 

Water Bottle: A labelled refillable water bottle with fresh water.

Lunch Box: A labelled lunchbox with a nut-free recess and lunch for during school hours.

Weather-Appropriate Uniform: In Vacation Care, students can wear sun smart casual clothes and sports shoes. 

All students are still required to wear the Good Shepherd Lutheran School Para Vista uniform at school and while travelling to and from school. All uniform items except shoes are available from The Uniform Shop. The Summer Uniform is worn during Term 1 and Term 4. The Winter Uniform is worn during Term 2 and Term 3. It is recommended that all uniform items are labelled. 

Homework/Reading Material: If the student has any homework or reading assigned.

Library Bag: On the day your child is to visit the resource centre for borrowing.

Any Necessary Medications: if your child/ren is/are diagnosed with a medical condition, please ensure an updated medical action plan, risk minimisation plan and medication are provided to Imagination. 

All these forms are available at Imagination or through email to the Imagination OSHC Director

How do I book my child into Imagination OSHC?

Family or caregivers are required to create an account via this link:


To create an account

1. Select Good Shepherd OSHC from the drop-down menu

2. Add in email address and password. Then select other details. 

3. Press register. 

4. Complete the registration by adding in parent and guardian contacts, account details and child details. You will also need to verify your email address. 

5. Make bookings via the calendar down the bottom of the portal.

If you wish to claim the Child Care Subsidy, here is further information from Services Australia:


To book into a session

1. Sign into your Fully Booked account and navigate to ‘Preview Current Bookings.’

2. Click on ‘Edit Bookings.’

3. Select your desired care session from the dropdown menu labelled ‘Select Care Session.’

4. The calendar with available booking dates will be displayed in orange.

5. You can select individual dates by clicking on them or choose to add mass bookings at the bottom of the page by selecting date periods or recurring bookings on specific days (e.g., every Monday).

6. Once you’ve made your desired selections, click ‘Confirm.’

7. Your booking is now confirmed and in place.

Is there anything else I should know about your OSHC service?

Everything you need to know is in our Parent Handbook.

Learn about our service, meet the team, and more by downloading the Parent Handbook.